The subject matter of my work has remained the same throughout my life despite the changing perspective. I have always been fascinated by the journey of a living being from embryo to death, undergoing development and aging, struggle, and tragedy. I observe and capture, never tiring of marveling at the ultimate genius of nature and creation.
My works reflect biblical themes, with earth preserving the layers of time and the human body acting as a reflection of the soul. Home like a body is a place to take shelter but can be destroyed at any moment.
I do not approach time as linear, trying not to get stuck in the transience of it. We often give ourselves over to the endless movement and bustle, engrossed in our worries, losing the ability to notice. The ability to stop and see is the most important for me; it allows me to capture the imprint of the eternal and unchanging, which has repeated throughout history into the present, which is familiar and close. I am captivated by the interconnectedness of each moment of life, merging and flowing through one another.

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